‘Maana Ki Namaana’ Season 2; Kalinga TV’s thrilling paranormal show is back

This TV series is the first of its kind in India because unlike other paranormal films and TV shows where either a fiction is dealt or the anchor narrates a past incident; ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ shows the live shoot at ground zero where the team practically interacts with paranormal entities whom we commonly call ghosts

By- Himanshu Guru

The season II of Kalinga TV’s popular Paranormal TV show ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ is coming soon. After getting plentiful admiration from the season-I of the TV show, the team is back with its second chapter. The show will be aired in February.

First of its kind in India

‘Mana Ki Namaana’ TV series is the first of its kind in India. How? Because, this show houses live footages shot at the ground zero where the team encounters actually with things of the other world or paranormal entities with use of scientifically proven theories and devices.

On the other hand, in other TV shows or films of this genre, normally either a fiction is dwelt upon to narrate a past happening or the team shoots at the ground zero of a haunted place where the anchor explains the audience about a past incident pointing to the visuals of that place. But so far no Indian series in any languages have shown footages of actual interaction with paranormal entities.

Again, the live shot footages are shown with minimum editing, which is merely required to make it easily understandable for the audience.

Plots of the show

  • Paranormal investigation
  • Investigation of superstitions and blind beliefs
  • Documentation of old stories and places based on paranormal belief
  • Documentation and investigation of witchcraft, sorcery, forbidden worships etc.

How the team interacts with paranormal entities

It obviously sounds funny if someone claims that he interacts with a paranormal entity. Hence many paranormal claims are labelled under Pseudoscience by the mainstream. However, ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ team interacts with the elements of the other world through recognized scientific theories as well as gears and equipment.

The team practically talks to them like a normal human do i.e. through dialogues. The crew establishes a language for communication. More clearly, the team asks questions to which the entity can answer with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. And, the paranormal entities convey their presence through shadows, glimpses, hardly audible abnormal sounds that the team captures in their devices.

I believe still many people did not get it. Watch the TV show once it gets aired on Kalinga TV, the most popular TV channel in Odisha, and you will be convinced.


Format of this TV show is copyrighted with Kalinga TV where the team comprising camera persons, a researcher cum expert (empanelled paranormal investigator) and the anchor visits the haunted location to shoot.

What is new in ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ Season 2

  • New paranormal investigation equipment
  • More action cameras for better POV
  • Integration of multiple CCTV cameras for better coverage of areas
  • Going Raw: which means – No artificial sound effects and less edited footages

Location Haunting

The team adopts two ways for location haunting. It selects its location at its own or takes up calls from audience/viewers.

Team at its own

‘Maana Ki Namaana’ team collects information about commonly known haunted places in different parts of the state at its own and then communicates with the locals and authorities of that area. Once everything is okay they go for the shoot.

Audiences’ participation

Anybody can contact ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ team to invite them to a certain haunted place for shooting. On such occasion they can contact in the WhatsApp number (Given at the end of this article). After getting the information the team will analyse the said haunted location and will evaluate shooting suitability. If everything is fine, the crew will proceed for shoot.

The team

‘Maana Ki Namaana’ team comprises of a researcher, who has sufficient knowledge about paranormal activities, experienced camera persons who can shoot visuals and record audio clips of every minutest activities and an anchor. The team tries to communicate with the paranormal entities with the help of the devices and the anchor explains it to the audience.

Devices used:

EMF meter: Team ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ takes the help of an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meter that is equipped to correctly read vibration, temperature, humidity and pressure.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) meter: Another gear that ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ team uses is the EVP meter. What is EVP? Within ghost hunting and parapsychology, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded. Parapsychologist Konstantins Raudive, who popularized the idea in the 1970s, described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase. EVP meter incessantly swaps for EVP sounds and the paranormal activist finds it.

Expert speaks:

Deepak and Manas are the paranormal activist or the experts of ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ team. They are recognized paranormal investigator empanelled with the Parapsychology and Investigations Research Society (P.A.I.R.S). It is a paranormal organization of dedicated Paranormal investigators, Parapsychologists, Paranormal researchers, Demonologists, Spiritual healers and Counsellors dealing in the scientific study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena.

Talking to Kalinga TV web Deepak said, “I started working in the paranormal genre from ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ Season 1. Once I was sitting with my pal Manas and the idea originated. Miraculously, everything was set. Even we got nod of the MD with no time.”

“Accordingly four years back ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ season I started. We first searched for most haunted places in Odisha and the ‘Mangaljodi tree’ became our first choice.

“Our team embarked for Mangalajodi. Yet, there we found that the said haunted tree was gone. After inquiry we came to know that since many locals became paranormal victim of it, they chopped off that tree after taking help from a seer. However, the victims there met us and narrated their ordeal.

“Now, we were in a position to find out our lacunas and we started working on it. Yet, the big question was how the presence of a paranormal entity at a certain place can be proved scientifically. We decided not to adopt the traditional format of a paranormal TV shows.

“After a while we came to know about an expert, Sarbajit Mohanty from Bhubaneswar. He is a certified paranormal investigator. We learned ways from him to execute the process. Besides him, I am another Certified Paranormal Investigator in Odisha.”

Narrating about ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ season I Deepak and Manas said, “Season I of ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ was so popular we used to get 3 to 4 calls from viewers in a day. It was tough for us to sort. The season ran for 32 episodes.”

So what is the expert’s bottom line after working for long on this genre? Deepak and Manas said, “Our finding is that paranormal entities do exist. This is not just our belief but we have scientific proof about it.”

Asked how they can ascertain the presence of an entity at a certain place they explains: “At some places a small block of electromagnetic energy gets created. The abnormality is that, the block or field that I am talking about is not backed by a definite source. This area may be in a radius of 1 foot or so. You move out of that particular small area and the device gives no reading. We get the reading through the EMF meter to ascertain presence of that entity. Once we get the reading of the abnormal EMF filed we try to communicate with the entity.

“Another important thing is that, the entity has the power of thinking. So we communicate with them to find out more and to prove more.

“Another point is, sometimes they speak something; but, scientifically how it can be proved. The answer is an EVP meter. It is a device which continuously swaps to find different sounds made at different frequencies. These sounds are audible. However, we need to find out the dialogue spoken at a frequency which matches the circumstances. We evaluate such sounds and sometimes get an audio message from the paranormal entity.

“Another interesting thing is that if the entity wants us to hear its message it makes something that our mind stops right at that particular sound. Let us think why our mind led us to hear to that sound. We can say that he wants us to listen to that particular sound. We can call it a type of telepathy. And that is the power of the entity, we can say. Summing up, there is a sub conscious state of mind and to reach to that state the equipment is a medium.”

The expert narrated one of his thrilling experiences. He said: “Once during a shoot we found that our cameraman Sameer got trapped at a place where nothing was there which can hold. We all were shocked. He tried his best to get out of it. Me and another team member then put our best effort and pulled him from there. Later, as he removed his clothes we found a portion of his leg was blackened as if a hand had tightly held his leg. He was shivering with fear. Then we all set at a place and tried to find out. There was complete darkness there and we had kept the cameras switched on in night vision mode. We shot and returned. Later when we scrutinized the footage at the lab initially we found nothing baring a fact that the cam was showing error at a certain place. I decided to check it again frame by frame. The speed was 25 frames per second. At a point, out of the 25 frames in 2 frames we could see a paranormal entity. I still have that footage with me. It was a smoky figure. I cannot explain its shape. But yes, it was certainly not a lady wearing white saree and blah blah that we normally visualize about such things. On that basis I can aver that paranormal entities exist. It was the most fearful episode for the crew during season I of the show.

“On another occasion, once we got call from a family in Khordha and went there. We came to know that the father of the person who had called us died few years back in a road mishap. Peculiar thing is that the caller said, they never liked ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ as her father died when entire family watching an episode of season 1 when the accident happen. However, the family feels that the father roams in the house. We fixed our devices and started to find the entity’s presence. Soon, we got response from it. He was completely cooperative. Even we asked him whether he wants to interact with any of the family members and through signals he intimated that he wants to interact with his wife and his elder daughter.”

How you interacted with him? The experts said, “We asked him questions which can be answered in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and he went on answering. Like, we asked whether he wants to talk to his wife. And the light in the device blinked, that means yes. Now, we asked him the same question in the negative approach. Like, do you not want to talk to your wife? The answer should be no. (As he has earlier said that he wants to talk). We saw that the light did not blink. That means his answer was ‘no’. So, both ways we got the proof that whatever he was saying was not random, rather he exactly meant what he wanted to convey. We fixed the cams, taught the family members about how to interact and moved outside and they interacted with the entity one by one with ease.

Anchor speaks:

Prachi Mohapatra has worked as the anchor in the first season of ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ and now working in the second season. After working in 2 seasons of the popular show what is her finding? She said, “Even in this contemporary world of science we cannot disprove that there is no such power around us. I have personally experienced presence of such powers during shoots. They interact with us through glimpses and peculiar and abnormal short sounds. It is not that they always welcome us to shoot. On many occasions they convey that we should leave the place as soon as possible which means that they don’t want human interference in their world.

Asked about any thrilling experience she narrated: “Once our team was travelling to a haunted place in Cuttack district for shoot when the locals restrained us not to go by a certain road. They said that the vehicle definitely gets out of order at a certain point on that road. However, we moved on. Astonishingly, at a particular place of the road our vehicle went out of order although it was a new one and in perfectly fit condition. It went out of order right at the same place about which the locals had hinted.”

Contact number of ‘Maana Ki Namaana’ team: 9348536620 (WhatsApp & Call)

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