Korean Cultural Center organises real-life ‘Squid Game’ in Abu Dhabi

The Korean survival drama ‘Squid Game’ has became a popular show because of its unique and exciting theme. Giving a deadly twist to the children’s games played in Korea the show has given people many unique ideas. With the similar point of view, a real-life event is now being organized in Abu Dhabi with a twist.

Fortunately, the event won’t include any bloodshed or real-life elimination of contestants. The show’s theme is now being reconsidered for an event at the Korean Cultural Center in United Arab Emirates.

As per the sources, the event will be held in the Abu Dhabi office, and the games played in the show will be organised without any bloodshed or illegal activity taking place. People will be divided into two teams of 15, wearing T-shirts with the show’s logo.

Contestants will play only three out of the six games featured on the show which includes, dalgona candy challenge, paper flipping games- Marbles and Ddakji, and red light green light. The event management team will be seen wearing pink circles, triangles, and square costumes following the colour theme that the game’s staff wears on the show.

Moreover, only UAE residents are eligible to apply and compete (the registration form is now closed). The application process consisted of questions that tested applicants’ basic knowledge of Netflix’s Squid Game.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time a real-life squid game would be played. According to a Brussel time report, Belgium school kids have started playing the game. The kids who watched the show despite being 18+, played red light green light games and ended up beating each other.

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