Karan Johar expressed an emotional note for ‘Bhai’ on superstar’s birthday

Mumbai: As Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan celebrates his 57th birthday on Wednesday, his closest friend and brotherly figure, filmmaker-producer Karan Johar expressed how much the actor means to him.

Taking to his Instagram, KJo shared a video featuring throwback pictures of him with SRK. He also posted a long note reminiscing how their friendship started and how it has become firm more than ever.

He wrote: “The film was KARAN ARJUN… the set was in Film City… my father and I arrived (me playing the part of a plus size hanger on) for a professional meeting (the signing on the dotted line for the film DUPLICATE) I had many apprehensions about movie stars … many of them based on fact and some of course Stardust (sic)”.

KJo had no preconceived notion about SRK but, he was intrigued by this ‘breakout star’ back then, as he continued in his note: “So I wondered about this new breakthrough star who was apparently a lot like his first big hit (DEEWANA for the uninformed ) … he was in costume and met my father warmly and gave him a massive jhappi.”

After greeting KJo’s father Yash Johar, SRK turned to young KJo, and greeted him not knowing that this friendship will go down in the pages of the history of Bollywood as the one that clouded all friendships including the iconic on-screen equation of Jai-Veeru from ‘Sholay’. KJo further mentioned: “He shook my hand and with his immensely kind eyes asked me many questions about my non existent career and my unproductive life (at that time) My answers were as bland as khichdi for an upset stomach but he listened with so much attention that I felt at that time that I had cracked the Da Vinci code.”


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A long time has passed since then, almost three decades, 29 years to be precise and their friendship is still going strong. “That was 29 years ago… Today I call him Bhai and he still listens to me with wrapped attention (even when I am discussing my trials and tribulations of hosting a talk show ) his kind eyes are even kinder…and he is…PERSONALITY! That word just means SRK.”

“For me, he is more than family and will always be my fiercest critic and my hugest inspiration…I owe my entire being to Adi and bhai… And today I celebrate him and his extraordinary teaser of what I believe is going to be a juggernaut blockbuster! Hail the King !!! Because there isn’t and will never be another! Love you Bhai (heart emojis) @iamsrk (sic)”, KJo concluded his note.

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