Kangana Ranaut Leaves Mumbai With ‘Heavy Heart’

Mumbai: The “Queen” actor Kangana Ranaut left Mumbai on Monday morning with a “heavy heart” after the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) demolished her office in Bandra.

Kangana said that after constant attack and abuse from the Mumbai government and attempts of breaking her house after her office, she was terrorised these days and has to stay alert all the time.

The actress also added that her analogy about Mumbai being POK was right.

While leaving for the airport Kangana tweeted, “With a heavy heart leaving Mumbai, the way I was terrorised all these days constant attacks and abuses hurled at me attempts to break my house after my work place, alert security with lethal weapons around me, must say my analogy about POK was bang on (sic).

“After landing in Chandigarh, my security has reduced significantly and people are greeting me with joy It seems this time I was saved. There was a time when I felt a mother’s touch in Mumbai, but today the situation is such that I am lucky to be alive. The moment Shiv Sena became Sonia Sena, the Mumbai administration became a terror,” she also posted in Hindi on the way to her home town Manali.

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