Irfan Khan shares heartfelt message for his fans

Mumbai: Irfan Khan on Wednesday shared a heartfelt message for his fans, well-wishers and friends who lent him invaluable support during his difficult times.

Sharing his views, Irrfan wrote, “Maybe somewhere in the pursuit of winning, we forget how much it means to be loved. In our vulnerability, we are reminded. As I leave my footprints onto these steps of my life, I want to pause to be grateful for receiving your immense love and support, it soothed me in my process of healing. So I travel back to you, thanking you from the bottom of my heart.”

Irfan Khan had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer- neuroendocrine tumour in March last year. Post the diagnosis he had left London for his treatment.

After undergoing cancer treatment in London for a year, Irrfan returned to India in February this year, and as per reports, will be back to doing films soon.

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