Govinda’s wife Sunita slams Kashmera Shah, hints her of being ‘bad daughter-in-law’

Bollywood celebrity Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja recently lashed out at actor Kashmera Shah and hinted her of being a ‘bad daughter-in-law.’

The conflict in the family began three years ago, after Kashmera Shah made a remark on Twitter that quoted, ‘people who dance for money.’ It is believed that her tweet was not appreciated by Sunita who interpreted it as an offensive dig at her and Govinda. Albeit, Kashmera’s later clarification that the statement was meant for Krushna’s sister Arti Singh, aunt Sunita did not change her mind.

However, the case once again started resurfacing the headlines after Krushna opted out of The Kapil Sharma Show for one episode that starred Govinda and his wife Sunita.

Recently, in an interview with leading daily Sunita Ahuja reacted to Kashmera’s remark and said, “I don’t reply to bad things. Even after taking care of them like a mother, they are behaving in such a bad way. Problems in the house start when we bring a bad daughter-in-law. I don’t want to take anybody’s name. I have so much work to do in my life. I handle my husband Govinda’s work. I don’t want to get into these nonsensical things. Govinda has already warned not to bring any family matter in public but few people need publicity and they always create issues and these things always crop up from Krushna’s side.”

She added to her statement, “We don’t need the footage. The people who need footage do such things. It has happened a thousand times that he is ready to say sorry and even several times, I have patched up. But, we can’t ignore bad things again and again, we also have some self-respect. I don’t know why other people speak in between a mother and a son. Who is she and who knows her? I am Govinda’s wife from the past 36 years and she has come now. We are happy in our life and I am so busy that I don’t have time to look at such people.”

Krushna’s descision of backing out from TKSS featuring Govinda and Sunita also sparked some fire in the issue as Sunita said that she was distressed beyond words. In light of the three year old incident she said that, ‘the issues will never get resolved’ and added, ‘I don’t want to see his face ever again in my life’.

Sunita’s reaction was regarding a conversation of Kashmera with Aaj Tak, where she said, “Krushna ko lekar faltu baatein karte hain. Ho sakta hai uss episode mein Krushna ki zaroorat na padi ho. Lekin kaun samjhae ye baat. Waise aapko mujhe poochna hai toh Priyanka Chopra ka poocho, Katrina ka poocho, ye Sunita kaun hai.”

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