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Govinda says his wife is a huge fan of ‘Superstar Singer 2’ contestant


Mumbai: Bollywood star Govinda said his wife Sunita Ahuja is a big fan of ‘Superstar Singer 2’ contestant Mani and his singing style.

He said: “My wife is a huge fan of Mani. I have never heard her compliment anyone, but when Mani performs on the stage she gets tears in her eyes. She keeps praying for his success and has immense love for him in her heart.”

After looking at Mani’s performance on the track ‘Oye Raju’ from the 2000 comedy film ‘Hadh Kar Di Aapne’, Govinda said: “The way Mani has been performing on the stage, he has successfully gained a lot of fans around and across the world. There is a small message from my wife for him which denotes her love for him.”

Along with the ‘Raja Babu’ actor, filmmaker Satish Kaushik also praised him and said he completely agreed with Sunita because Mani’s performance can bring tears to the eyes of his viewers.

He added: ” I completely agree with what Sunita Ji says because he brings tears to our eyes. The way he sings from his heart and with such ease and simplicity is commendable. I would like to give him a tight hug.

“I am grateful to Mani’s parents for giving birth to such a great child. I can understand that some people who are artists have to go through certain circumstances due to which they can’t spend, learn or do much.”

Pointing out that Mani came for a humble family, Kaushik said: “But these artistes are blessed by goddess Saraswati who takes them a long way. Looking at Mani reminds me of my childhood days, as my mother and father were equally simple, and I belonged to a small grounded family.

“Just like you I used to sit in one corner and dream of becoming an artist and used to tell my father that I wanted to make the name ‘Kaushik’ very famous. Today, whatever I have is because of the Goddess Saraswati and I am sure Mani will also be blessed with the same.”

‘Superstar Singer 2’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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