Dance Deewane 3 host Raghav Juyal gives clarification on his ‘racist’ monologue

Mumbai: Choreographer, actor and anchor Raghav Juyal recently posted a video on his Instagram account issuing a clarification on the clip of him, from ‘Dance Deewae 3,’ that has gone viral. In the video, the anchor can be seen talking gibberish in Chinese with one of the contestants who belong to the northeast.

The host’s controversial comments on the dance reality show have landed him in the eye of a storm on social media. Netizens marked him as ‘racist’ on the basis of the clip.

The issue became so serious that even Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has criticised Raghav. Host Raghav in the video can be seen using words like ‘Momo’, ‘Ching Chong’ and ‘gibberish Chinese’ that were deemed objectionable.

In light of the matter and all the trolling he was facing on social media, Raghav took to the gram to share a video clarifying his comments and apologise.

He captioned the video, ‘Clarifying the misunderstanding To all my NORTH EASTERN friends.’ He shared the entire incident and referred to the contestant, Gunjan Sinha, who likes to speak Chinese in “gibberish” and it was her hobby.

He also added saying that if you want to understand what exactly happened watch all the episodes. She called it her talent and during the last episodes of the show he tried to speak to her in a similar way and it was just done jokingly.

Raghav also mentioned that he has always been vocal on these issues. Making an apology, he mentioned that he never meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments and if it happened he felt sorry about it.


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But social media is flooded with comments from those who are criticising the ‘Dance Plus’ host and tagging him as ‘racist’.

In fact, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also called it unacceptable and tweeted, “It has come to my notice that a popular reality show host has used racist rhetoric against a young participant from Guwahati. This is shameful and totally unacceptable. Racism has no place in our country and we should all condemn it unequivocally.”

Amid all this criticism, one of his fans defended him and posted a video in which when Madhuri Dixit asks the contestant what she likes besides dancing, Gunjan replies back, saying she likes to speak Chinese.

The post reads: “I didn’t want to post this but situation got out of context, Acha hua ye video mere paas saved thi (it’s good I had this video)…people judge without knowing the facts, kindly watch entire episode since Gunjan was introduced in the show don’t judge anyone from a small clip if you have watched the entire episode till now u know what was the Reason behind him speaking like that @raghavjuyal had no intention of hurting someone’s feeling please watch the entire show before calling him Racist.”

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