Casting Couch In Bollywood;Ankita Lokhande Says She Was Asked To Sleep With The Producer

Mumbai: Actor Ankita Lokhande recently opened up about casting couch that she faced in the film industry. She revealed that she faced the horrifying feeling twice in her career, when she was just 19-20-years-old and she was already successful in the television industry .

In a recent interview Ankita Lokhande revealed about her experience in casting couch , she said that her first encounter was when she was just in the early stage of her career and was called for auditions for a south movie. The “Pavitra Rishta” actress said she was asked to compromise but she walked out.

She said, “I was so smart, I was alone in that room and was only 19 or 20 years old, and asked him, ‘Which type of compromise does your producer want? Do I have to go for parties or dinners?’”

She told that she wanted to avoid the situation “And the moment he said it, maine uski band baja di thi.  I told him, ‘I think your producer wants a girl to sleep with, not a very talented girl to work with.’ He then apologized and said he will try to take me in his film, i said if you want to also, i am not interested and walked out.

In the second incident she was already a popular face in the television industry.  She said when i again got back into films, I got through the same situation again, just shaking hands with that person. I don’t want to take names, he was a big actor. I got those vibes, and I quickly got my hands away from him. I knew it, ab mera yahaan nahi hoga (it will not work out for me), because it is a give and take thing here. I understood and I left from there because it was not for me,”.

During the interview Ankita also spoke about her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput . How she had rejected films from big filmmakers because of her relationship. she also mentioned about her depression that she went through after her breakup.


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