BTS JIN Military Enlistment: Actor’s emotional adieu leaves fans in tears

Kpop superband BTS’ oldest member Jin bids farewell to his fans across the world on Tuesday morning as he leaves for his obligatory military service. Before departing for his service, the 30-year-old baritone posted a message to the ARMY, BTS’s fan base, on the online fan community Weverse.

As per reports, BTS management agency BigHit Music announced that Jin will arrive at the recruit training center’s ground in a car without acknowledging the media or fans. The Seoul-based corporation has also requested the ARMYs as well as the journalists to avoid overcrowding the spot.

The BTS agency had made a statement that there will be no designated waiting areas for the reporters. According to sources, the K-media reported that Jin will begin the front-line army division’s boot camp in Yeoncheon, 60 kilometers north of Seoul, on Tuesday.

Here’s a video of Jin’s military enlistment camp with BTS members’ cars:

Fans were in tears as they already miss their Worldwide Wide Handsome, many took to their social media to share their reactions and bid adieu to Jin.

Here are some tweets by ARMYs that show their love for the eldest member of the septet:

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