Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu’s private MMS video leaked online; Actress asks fans to delete it

Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu who is a popular actress and dancer is recently in the headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

As per reports, a private MMS video of the actress spending time with her boyfriend has been leaked online causing her a lot of distress. She took to her social media recently, to request to her fans to not spread the video further if it reaches to them.

Trisha wrote in Hindi, “Khuda sab dekhta hai, mujhe girane ke liye mera private video viral kar diya. Bihar mein itne ghatiya kuch log bhi hote hai nahi jaanti thi. Logo se appeal karti hun ki agar aap log mere samarthak hai toh kripya video hata de, aur isse na uchale. Aapke ghar mein bhi maa behen hai” (God is watching everything; some people have shared my private video to defame me. I was unaware that there could be people in Bihar with such low standards. I appeal to my supporters to please delete the video and stop spreading it further).

In the video, the actress can been seen spending private time with her boyfriend. Although, she did not clarify who shot the video or how did it reach the social media platforms, she however did reach out to her fans with her posts in Facebook.

In her posts she hinted towards casting couch and said that at least she was with someone she loved rather than going to hotel rooms with someone for work.

In another post, the actress spoke against the Bhojpuri industry and claimed that no one is a saint in this industry. She said that if people keep forcing her to speak up, she may say the truth.

The diva is a 27 year old actress, native of West Bengal and made her screen debut with the Bhojpuri serial “Ham Hai Hindustani”. She has also featured in many item songs with the leading actors of the Bhojpuri film industry..

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