Ayushmann: Would love to play Neeraj Chopra in a biopic if it’s made

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana is keen to play India’s golden boy at the Olympics, Neeraj Chopra, in case a biopic is made on him.

In his debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Chopra won the gold medal in javelin throw.AAyushmann says: “I’m constantly inspired by real people who do extraordinary things. Right now, I’m hugely inspired by Neeraj Chopra and what this youth icon has achieved on the world stage and made our nation incredibly proud.”

Ayushmann is keen to play Neeraj in case he chooses to not play himself and act in his biopic.

Ayushmann added “The resolve and the nerves of steel that he showcased at the Olympics to a win gold for India needs to be saluted. I would love to play him in a biopic if it’s made in the near future and if Neeraj chooses to not play himself on screen.”

The actor says such achievements need to be celebrated and the life stories of such heroes need to be told to people across the country.


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