Armaan Mallik shows excitement for his new released Tamil song “Eppa Paarthaalum”

Armaan Malik sung new Tamil song ‘Eppa Paarthaalum,’ which is a collaboration with music composer Hiphop Tamizha, released on Friday.

In the midst of mourning the death of his grandmother on Sunday, the youngest Malik has brightly welcomed every bit of success coming his way. May it be ‘Echo,’ the first American-Indian-Asian collaboration with KSHMR and Eric Nam, or for his constant affection for his fans whom he addresses as Armalians; the young star has always made to the headlines with his positive contribution towards music and entertainment.

Nonetheless, Armaan, albeit his packed schedule of being an international sensation has not forgotten his roots and still prefers singing songs in Tamil and Telugu which he claims to be his mother tongue. “I’m truly blessed to have fans who have enjoyed my style of rendition in Tamil, among other languages. Our regional music is our cultural identity and nothing makes me happier than offering people something they can relate to in their mother tongue,” said Armaan Malik.

Armaan’s new song ‘Eppa Paarthaalum’ is a part of the Tamil film ‘Aalambana,’ directed by Pari K. Vijay starring Vaibhav and Parvati.

While the song has been penned by Pa Vijay, it has been composed by Tamizha. The song has been released on all musical platforms, increasing the excitement for both Armaan and Armaalians.

Talking about the song Armaan said that he finds the music by Hiphop Tamizha incredible and captivating and he is happy to have collaborated with him for ‘Eppa Paarthaalum.’ He also believes it to be a beautiful composition that he enjoys vibing in and is eager to know his listener’s reaction to the song, said the report.

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