Akshay Kumar’s old cigarette ad goes viral after he apologise for endorsing tobacco brand

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar recently joined Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn to endorse a tobacco company. After receiving a lot of flak from the netizens for his decision, the star issued an apology on his social media accounts.

In his note, Akshay mentioned that he will be extremely mindful of his choices henceforth and that he “has not and will not” endorse tobacco. However, some social media users didn’t step back from digging up an old cigarette ad of the superstar.

While sharing the ad featuring Akshay Kumar, a Twitter user wrote that he wished there was more honesty in Kumar’s statement.

Journalist Ujval Nanavati tweeted, “While I have not endorsed tobacco”!! Cigarettes are made of gulkand (rose petals preserve) kya? Liar. And then there’s Bagpiper. And sugary colas. Pity a country where a person like you is a role model of success.”

For those unversed, Akshay Kumar was trolled a lot for promoting the pan masala brand through an ad. As his fans were upset over his decision, some also dug out one of his old videos where he could be heard saying that he will never endorse products which affect heath. Now it is to be seen if the brand continues to use him in their ads.

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