2.0 Movie Review

The Shankar directorial released a day early yesterday, and has a very basic story line but blows away the viewer by its VFX

Bhubaneswar: ‘2.0’ is dubbed as the spiritual successor of Enthiran, or better known as Robot, released in 2010.

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Adil Hussain, Suddhansu Pandey, Amy Jackson, Kalabhavan Shajohn

Director: S. Shankar

Music Director: AR Rahman


The Thalaivar returns in the dual role of AI robot Chitti and its creator Dr. Vaseegaran; and two more roles which you have to watch the movie to know (No Spoilers!!). Akshay Kumar reprises the role of the antagonist. He is scarier and creepier than Mr. India’s Mogambo and Shaan’s Dr. Shakaal combined.

‘2.0’ is a non-stop glitzy extravagant entertainer, with some terrific VFX and 3D effects. Director Shankar is a visionary. He has an unfettered visual imagination and unconventional thinking. Despite well-meaning ideas at the core of his story, his cinema only flirts with relevance instead of committing to it. The feeble storyline somehow mars the lavish visual effects. No doubt the VFX is a treat to our minds and eyes, but after a point of time, they just become too much for us to digest.

As is frequently the case with major action flicks topped with mind-boggling VFX, the storyline is wafer thin and predictable on most occasions. The viewer’s patience limit is stretched thin by the time the actual confrontation in between our two leads.

Shankar’s cinema has always uniquely combined scale with a social message. While Robot in 2010 explored ideas like what would happen if machines developed feelings, ‘2.0’ sets out to show how the smartphones’ impact on our world and its occupants. Shankar brings back his hero-vigilante theme.

AR Rahman who has been known to weave magic into his music somehow unbelievingly falters here. ‘2.0’ has three songs in all. And Tamil versions are better than Hindi and Telugu ones. And it’s a bit ironical that the villain has a better song than the hero.

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