Beware Students, no more Class X board exam! Check the reality

New Delhi: No more Class X board exams will be held under the New Education Policy (NEP), claimed a viral WhatsApp message.

The viral WhatsApp message claimed that the Union cabinet has approved a new NEP where the board exam will not be held for class 10. Only class 12 students will write the board exam.

The viral message further claimed that the MPhil program will also be closed.

As the WhatsApp message regarding the New Education Policy went viral across the country surprising everyone, Press Bureau of India (PIB) came forward with its clarification.

The PIB debunked the viral message as fake saying that no such statement has been issued by the Education Ministry.

“A WhatsApp message claims that according to the New Education Policy, there will be no board exams for class 10th. This claim is fake,” said PIB on its Twitter handle.

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