India-Germany plan bridge courses in order to train workers

The 12th Indo-German Joint Working Group meeting was held for the Indian youth to get to access the rightful opportunities.

As an outcome of the 12th meeting of the Indo-German Joint Working Group, it has been decided to initiate a bridge course that would groom the Indian youth for securing employment in Germany. Because of this, the Indian economy shall also get a required boost. 18 MoUs were signed in 2015, on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to India. Therein, was included, teaching the German language to school students in India as an additional course. This decision was taken considering that the Indian youth would get immense opportunities in Germany, provided they studied the language.

Now the 12th Indo-German Joint Working Group meeting was held to lay the building stone for Indian youth to get to access the rightful opportunities. The youth shall now get rightly empowered with the apt skill set. It was also decided in the meeting that a standard mechanism is to be created that would promote Vocational Education and Training. In the mentioned India-Germany bridge course, the students will be trained in skills as per German standards. A potential employment sector for Indians in Germany is the IT sector.

India and Germany have also been in talks about getting a framework ready, that would connect employers of both countries. Skilled and certified workers will be able to contribute to the economic development, and at places where imparting skill set knowledge will be required. For the same to happen, both countries have jointly agreed on tying up with institutions that would give mutual recognition to the trainers. The trainers in return will have to train, evaluate, and certify the students or candidates according to International standards, as a part of the India-Germany bridge course.

A recent study was conducted by National Skill Development Council to analyze the workforce demand in 16 countries. In it, it was found that Germany lacked skilled workers, acutely. Both Indian and German governments are ready to welcome university lever efforts in order to explore and promote cooperation between the educational and employment lines of both countries.

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