City students educated on safe food practices

“Consumption of high-fibre organic foods, healthier snacks, water, milk, fruits and vegetables are crucial to attain better concentration level, more focus on studies and maintaining a healthy life. This should be combined with reduction in consumption of low-nutrient dense foods, high fat foods and sugar sweetened beverages to make the body and mind fit and healthy,” said Dr Jagatbandhu Mohapatra, Project Coordinator, India for Eco-Food campaign, while addressing the students of Brahmeswar High School, Brahmeswarpatana during a workshop on safe food here.

A healthy and balanced food habit can lead to improved weight status and reduced body mass index, added Mohapatra, a public health expert, during the workshop organised by the Living Farms, a non-government organisation that works for promoting safe and organic food practices among the urban and rural mass.

The children got a clear idea about the production and consumption of food and the reason behind contamination. They learnt the skill of choosing between healthy and unhealthy and fresh and contaminated food.

The experts present at the workshop maintained that excess calories from fast-food and junk food lead toward obesity and the resulting respiratory problems including diabetes, heart disease asthma and shortness of breath. It can also cause memory and learning problems.

Children were encouraged to shun plastic containers to store food and water as toxic compounds found in plastic cause health problems as worst as cancer. They were urged to use steel or glass containers as there is no such thing as a safe plastic.

Highlighting the harmful impacts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the experts also laid emphasis on consuming organic food.

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