Google Doodle Today Urges People To Get Vaccinated & Wear Mask

Google on Tuesday, June 22 came up with a doodle on homepage urging people to wear a mask and get vaccinated and has taken an initiative to spread awareness about the importance of masks and vaccines.

The animated logo is seen wearing surgical masks, standing in line at a vaccination station. They all have little band-aids on their arms from their vaccination. The letter E in ‘Google’ is a healthcare worker that is injecting them.

They have linked the Google search results for how one can find a vaccination centre in nearby area and ways to prevent from getting the infection.

The doodle shows-up a day after India vaccinated largest number of people in single day. India inoculated more than 86,16,373 vaccine doses in a single day on Monday, June 21.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi applauded the huge achievement on his official twitter account by writing “Today’s record-breaking vaccination numbers are gladdening. The vaccine remains our strongest weapon to fight COVID-19. Congratulations to those who got vaccinated and kudos to all the front-line warriors working hard to ensure so many citizens got the vaccine. Well done India!”

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