FDA recommends COVID boosters should target omicron variants

The Food and Drug Administration recommended that COVID-19 vaccine producers should include the more recent versions of the omicron coronavirus variant in booster injections.

According to the agency, booster injections should contain both the original strain of the virus, which is what is in existing vaccines, plus the BA.4 and BA.5 lineages of the omicron variety. These lineages now make up the majority of the viral strains circulating in the country. They are even more adept at avoiding the immune system than some earlier iterations of the virus and are highly contagious.

Manufacturers of vaccines Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax have already begun testing omicron-targeted variations of their products, with preliminary results suggesting that they may be able to stimulate an immune response to the omicron variety more effectively than current doses.

The BA.1 lineage of the omicron variant, an older variation, is present in the versions they have been testing. The FDA stated in a statement that companies should conduct additional clinical trials on BA.4 and BA.5 injections but should continue to submit data from BA.1 shots.

The current COVID-19 vaccinations continue to offer excellent protection against serious illness and death, but a combination of declining immunity and new variations has made people less resistant to infection. The next generation of vaccines, according to experts, should provide more durable immunity to the illness.

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