COVID-19 4th wave predicted to hit around June 22; Know symptoms of omicron sub-variant

India has seen a declining trend in the number of covid-19 cases for some time now. Now, researchers have predicted that the country may soon be facing the fourth wave of Covid-19.

According to researchers from IIT Kanpur, the fourth wave may begin in India around June 22 and continue till October 24. However, they also added that the severity of a fourth wave will depend on the emergence of new variants and the vaccination status of people including the administration of a booster dose.

The researchers have said that if a fourth wave of Covid-19 emerges then it may last at least four months.  The wave may reach the peak from August 15 to 31 and will decline after that.

This is the third time that researchers from IIT Kanpur have predicted a Covid-19 wave in the country and their predictions about the third wave was nearly on point expect for the deviation of only a few days. The statistical prediction has been published on the preprint server MedRxiv on February 24.

Sabara Parshad Rajeshbhai, Subhra Sankar Dhar and Shalabh of the department of mathematics and statistics, IIT Kanpur, conducted this research. The researchers used a statistical model for their prediction and said that a fourth wave in India may arrive after 936 days from the initial data availability date of the Covid-19 outbreak that is January 30, 2020, when the first case in the country was officially registered. So they expect the fourth wave to start from June 22, will reach its peak on August 23 and will end on Oc- tober 24.

With the use of “Bootstrap” a methodology, they compute the confidence interval of the time point of the peak of a fourth wave. This methodology can also be used to forecast a fourth and other waves in other countries as well, they said.

“Many countries have already seen the third wave and a few countries have started to face the fourth and higher waves of the pandemic.”, said the researchers.

“The third wave was predicted for India using the concept of a mixture of Gaussian distribution based on the data of Zimbabwe, and when the third wave in India is finishing it is now clear that the forecast was almost correct. Motivated by the study, we investigated the forecasting of a fourth wave in India,” the researchers also added.

Expected COVID-19 symptoms to be seen now

We all know the general symptoms of the Covid-19 that emerged over 2 years ago. But, we also have seen new symptoms as the virus mutated as it spread to more people. Now, as the BA.2 variant, which is a sub-variant of the rapid spreading omicron variant, and long COVID become more common among infected people, the scientists have revealed about some possible coronavirus symptoms people might be experiencing now.

What to expect from the BA. 2 omicron variant: The BA.2 variant has been spreading in recent weeks as normal omicron variant symptoms have dwindled. The symptoms of the BA.2 COVID-19 variant is different compared to other coronavirus variants, reported Deseret News.

As per the reports of KREM 2 News, Francisco Velazquez, who is the Spokane Regional Health District Health Officer, has revealed that dizziness and fatigue are unique COVID-19 symptoms that people are experiencing from the BA.2 variant.

What to expect from long COVID-19: The COVID-19 virus, which has been spreading for a long time, has become another factor that doctors are concerned about. The people infected with long COVID-19 can still feel some symptoms for weeks to months after their initial COVID-19 infection.

As per told Eat This, Not That!, Sean Marchese, a registered nurse with The Mesothelioma Center, stated that people infected with long COVID-19 will likely have some symptoms stay for weeks to months after their initial COVID-19 infection. The symptoms include cough, loss of smell or taste, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and muscle pains. These symptoms can stay for weeks or months after major symptoms subside.

“The severity of symptoms will differ for each person, so it’s important to seek medical attention if any symptoms persist or worsen more than a few days after they begin,” said the nurse.

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(Source: TimesOfIndia, DeseretNews)

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    There wasn’t even a third wave how can there be a 4th – stop alarming people & talking nonsense

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