NTAGI recommends Corbevax and Covaxin For Children Aged 5-12 years

Corbevax and Covaxin have been approved for use in kids aged between 5-12 years by the NTAGI’s Standing Technical Sub-Committee (STSC), according to official sources on Friday.

The choice to include these vaccines in the vaccination campaign, however, was not made.

The STSC meeting was held on June 16, it evaluated the data for Corbevax by Biological E and Covaxin by Bharat Biotech for kids between the ages of five and twelve, and members determined that the vaccines can be advised for use in kids.

However, according to a source from the government, the members felt that the information on the burden of Covid and child mortality was insufficient to make a decision about starting vaccination programmes for children under the age of 12.

In April of this year, Corbevax for children aged five to twelve and Covaxin for children aged six to twelve received emergency use authorization from India’s drug authority.

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