Can Coronavirus Spread Through Hair? Check Views Of Experts

Various reports have been circulating on social media about the coronavirus spreading on nose, hands, ears and eyes. Have you ever thought whether coronavirus can spread through hair ?

Read what experts have to say on this:

1. Can coronavirus spread through hair?

According to experts, the coronavirus can be transmitted through hair. The virus may survive on the scalp for some time due to which your hand can get infected when you touch your hair unconsciously. If you touch your nose or face with the same hand without the knowledge of the virus, you can get infected with virus.

2. Should you sanitise your hair?

When a person sneezes while you are in public the virus remains in your hair, says experts. As a result you can get infected with the virus. However, do not use sanitizer or disinfectant on your hair in order to clean it.

3. Is it necessary to wash your regularly?

Regular wash of hair is not recommended as it destroys all the natural oil from the scalp due to which it becomes dry and frizzy. Frequent hair wash might also increase bacterial and fungal infection in your hair.

4.  How to keep your hair safe from coronavirus?

  • Cover your hair with a scarf, cap or stole while going out
  • Maintain social distancing in public
  • Avoid visiting salon during this time. Incase you visit salon, wash your hair after returning back
  • Do not wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week. Wash with a shampoo for atleast 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your hair in public place. Incase of emergency, sanitise your hands before touching it
  • Clean yourself thoroughly after returning home from public place

According to a study, the coronavirus can survive on cloths for one day and stainless steel while on plastic for seven days.

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