YouTuber transforms Toyata Fortuner Into a Luxury vehicle by Installing Toilet

Since its launch in India, Toyota Fortuner has been one of the favourite SUVs in the Indian automobile market. Be it the looks or the power of the vehicle, the Toyota Fortuner can easily give a run to any SUV in the Indian market.

Taking the craze of the Fortuner to next level, a Youtuber from Kerala has installed a Toilet in his SUV. The notion of a toilet in an SUV will leave many car enthusiasts scratching their head. However, the installation of the toilet adds to functioning of the SUV. In rough sense if a person or a group of persons are willing to go for an adventurous trip, the toilet come easily come handy.

Generally in India, if you are traveling to hilly areas or are off-roading you will rarely find public washrooms. In these cases the toilet installed on the Fortuner will come handy.

Giving a tour of the SUV, the YouTuber who goes under the name Revokid Vlogs shows the entire space occupied by the toilet. You will be surprised to find out that the Toilet occupies just the half portion of the third row seats. A fully grown adult can easily relieve himself/ herself in it. Inside the toilet is a commode with jet spray and charging post. The ventilation of the toilet is also properly handled. It is quite amazing to notice that all middle seats of the Fortuner can be easily folded according to the convenience of the passengers.

However, the Vlogger does not reveal about the expenditure for installing a toilet in the Fortuner.

The Toyota Fortuner has been one of the common and most trusted SUVs in India. The reliability of Toyota brand gives an advantage to Fortuner over its rivals. Toyota Fortuner starts at a price of Rs 35.03 Lakh and goes up to Rs 44.11 Lakh. It is available in both Petrol and Diesel variants. While Fortuner Petrol version ranges between Rs 35.03 Lakh to Rs 36.84 Lakh, the Diesel version for Fortuner ranges between Rs 37.88 Lakh to Rs 44.11 Lakh. The engine of the SUV is between 2694 to 2755 cc.

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