Toyota Mirai: A Sedan that sets Guinness World Record for longest range

At a time when the entire world is moving towards a cleaner source of fuel for automobiles, the EV vehicles have been in headlines. Well Toyota’s Mirai sedan which is a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle has set a Guinness World Record. The Mirai has set a Guinness World Record for covering the longest distance without refuelling.

According to Toyota, the Mirai was given a complete fill and then it travelled for a trip of 1360km. The tank of the Toyota Mirai was completely filled-up and then was sealed by the authorities at the start of the journey. Then the Toyota Mirai set on a round-trip of Southern California. The 2021 model of Toyota Mirai was driven by Wayne Gerdes along with a co-pilot Bob Winger.

The trip consisted of two days and began on August 23. On the first day the crew covered 761 km while on the second day the duo covered 600 kms. The Toyota Mirai used a total of 5.65 kg of hydrogen during the whole journey. During the two day trip, the vehicle emitted zero kg of CO2 while a regular internal combustion engine (petrol/ diesel fuelled vehicle) emits about 300 kg of CO2.

The Toyota Mirai is one of the first mid-size hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) which was mass produced and sold commercially. It was initially unveiled in the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2014. As of December 2019, Toyota sold a total of 10,250 Mirais across the globe. The second generation of Toyota Mirai was launched in December 2020.

For those who are unknown about hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCV), a FCV uses hydrogen fuel cell to power the vehicle. A hydrogen fuel cell uses chemical energy of hydrogen to produce electricity. The by-products in the process are heat and water. The advance of an FCV over internal combustion engines is significantly lower emissions along with an advanced efficiency.

India is yet to see a revolution of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. It is expected that it will take time for the FCVs to be common in India.


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