This Is How Apple SUV Might Look Like; Watch This Auto Designer’s Render Video Here

It is rumoured that tech giant Apple may enter the electric car market and likely to roll out it’s first-ever electric car in the future.

Although Apple is yet to make any official statement regarding this, but everybody wants to know how Apple’s first car will look like.

So a renowned car designer, Jan Peisert of Peisert Design has made everyone’s imagination a reality and shared a video of his version of the Apple’s electric car renders.

The renders could say to be the realization of what Apple fans and automobile enthusiasts are expecting for the company’s electric mobility and it looks close to reality.

The vehicle is named as Apple One. If the company really makes something like this in the future then it would give tough completion to top electric vehicle companies.

The Peisert Design said Apple ONE could be one of the most luxurious and a top-end SUV on the market.

The video shows the Apple One features Mac Pro-inspired front grille, illuminated Apple logo on the front, gleaming DRLs, laser headlight along with projector, automatic gesture control butterfly doors, side turn signal integrated in chrome trim and wiperless windshield.

The Suv could also get solar panoramic sunroof, automatic gesture-controlled two-piece trunk, wooden stepping board which can be retracted and a diffuser.

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Apart from this, it could also get 22-inch magnesium chrome wheels.

The Apple electric SUV could also come in a performance-oriented version called Apple ONE Sport. The Apple ONE Sport 24-inch high performance wheels on the Sport version.

The deigner also shared that the ONE could have a range of 800-mile While the Sport version could have a range of 650-mile.

According to Peisert Design, the AppleOne could have a five-plus two seating arrangement while AppleOne sports would have four carbon sport seats.

Being an Apple product, one can easily assume some state-of-the-art features like solar panoramic sunroof and automatic gesture-controlled two-piece trunk.

You should note that the AppleOne is rendered of the Jan Peisert of Peisert Design imagination of future Apple electric SUV. As to when the company will release its first electric car it still remains uncertain.

(Video Credit: YouTube @Jan Peisert)

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