Tesla Model S Long Range actual range downgrades to 405 miles from 412 miles

San Francisco: Tesla has downgraded the range of its brand new Model S Long Range, which also happens to be Tesla’s longest-range electric car, just a few days after launching the vehicle.

The event Tesla held at its Fremont factory was more about the Model S Plaid, the new top performance Model S, but it was also the official launch of the new Model S, which also includes the cheaper Model S Long Range.

It was only briefly mentioned by CEO Elon Musk during the presentation when discussing the version’s longer range.

“In the Dual Motor configuration, it got a 412-mile range – 420 give or take,” Musk joked about almost having 420 miles of range.

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The 412 miles of range was indeed what Tesla was advertising since starting to take orders for the new Model S in January.

However, recently, Tesla has updated the Model S online configurator to change the Model S Long Range’s advertised range to 405 miles.

It is a small 7-mile downgrade over the previously advertised range by Tesla for the new $80,000 version of the Model S.

The official EPA estimated ranges for the new versions of the Model S are not on the agency’s website, but Tesla appears to have received the official results — leading to the change in the advertised range.

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