Tata Sky Lockdown Offer: Watch 7 Days for free and pay on 8th Day

Amid Coronavirus lockdown, Tata Sky has introduced a pretty good offer for its existing customers. This offer is specially meant for the deactivated accounts. During lockdown, if any user is unable to recharge their account, then they can avail the benefit of this 7-day balance loan offer. Now let’s know in details about the offer.

Owners of the deactivated Tata Sky accounts are now getting a  message which reads,  “Your Tata Sky a/c is deactive! If unable to recharge, give a missed call on 080-61999922 from RMN to get 7 days balance which will be debited on the 8th day. A/c will be credited in the next 4 hrs. Keep your set-top box in On/Standby mode for reactivation of services.”

DreamDTH first spotted this offer from Tata Sky. Once the customers give a missed call to the above mentioned number, their services get activated immediately with all their previously subscribed channels. On the eighth day, the loan amount will be automatically debited from the user’s account.

Earlier this month, Tata Sky hiked the prices of the HD and SD set-top boxes. But this new offer gives its customers a temporary respite amid this crucial period.

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