Take Home An Electric Bike At Just Rs 4399 Monthly Installment, Know Details Here

You will be very surprised to find out that owning an electric bike which offers a mileage of 150 kilometres per charge will be as cheap as Rs 4399. Even though the deal sounds unbelievable it is actually true.

Revolt RV400 which is manufactured by Indian electric two-wheeler company Revolt Motors can be purchased at an instalment of Rs 4399 per month for duration of 36 months. The price of the electric two wheeler is Rs 1,18,999 and customers have to make a down-payment of Rs 7999 to book it.

The RV400 offers an attractive mileage of 150 kms in a single charge. Considering the price of petrol in the country you will definitely think about it as an option if you are planning a new bike.

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The bike comes with a 5kW electric motor and has a swappable battery pack of 3.24kWh. Riders are offered with three modes on the bike i.e. Eco, Normal and Sports. The Revolt RV400 can attain a top speed of 85 km/hr which seems to be quite decent.

On the other hand, the bike has sharp exterior features which resemble that of a naked sports bike. So there is no compromise in terms of looks for buyers who want a mix of style as well as efficiency.

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