Starlink Mini introduced in US market, can be carried in your backpack

SpaceX-owned Starlink has introduced its smallest portable version of Starlink connection- Starlink Mini. This version of Starlink is that small that it can be carried in your bag-pack. However, the size of the Starlink Mini does not affect the high-speed internet offered by it. The device not only offers high-speed internet but also taken very less time to be setup.

The Starlink Mini can be a low-cost good backup option if the landline is not working. The cost of Starlink Mini is just $599 and it weights around 3 pounds (1.36kg). However, the device is only available in selected areas of US and that too in a trial phase. The standard kit is available for $499 while the Mini dish costs $599. The company might be reducing the cost of the product to $299 in the future. Elon Musk had also told that the price of the Starlink Mini will be available at half of the standard kit when the situation is right.

The Mini Roam plan for the customers with Mini dish costs $30/ month. The users will get up to 100 Mbps speed and that is enough in order to stream videos in 4K in multiple devices. On the other hand, the Starlink Mini offers Wi-Fi 5 and gets a built-in Wi-Fi router. The Mini Roam service will be added to Starlink’s regular customer plan at a charge of just $30 dollar per month.

The $30 plan offers 50GB of data. However, additional 1GB of data will cost $1. However, users have to continue with their residential connection in order to use this service. Once the service is rolled to everyone in the US and other countries, Starlink might charge less for the  kit as well as for the plans.

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