SBI offers free doorstep banking services to its customers for three times a month, Check details here

Indian multinational public sector bank SBI (State Bank of India) is one of the popular banks in pour country. Its banking services are widely available across the country. The bank is offering free doorstep banking services to its customers for three times a month. However, there are certain parameters in order to avail the services offered by the bank.

The doorstep banking services are offered to senior citizens, differently abled, certified chronic illness and visually challenged account holders. All the account holders belonging to the above-mentioned categories should reside within the 5 km radius of the home branch.

SBI has mentioned about the facility in its latest tweet.

If you are an SBI customer who uses Yono app, you can avail of the services by using the following methods.

  • Open the SBI Yono App
  • Open the Services request menu
  • Select Doorstep Banking Services from the menu
  • Users can place a request for cheque pick up, cash pick up and other requests

SBI Doorstep Banking Services

The SBI Doorstep Services offer Pick-Up Services, Delivery Services and Other Services. The other services offered by SBI are

  • Cash pickup
  • Cash delivery
  • Cheque pickup
  • Cheque requisition slip pickup
  • Form 15H pickup
  • Delivery of drafts
  • Delivery of Term Deposit advice
  • Life Certificate
  • KYC documents pickup

SBI doorstep banking service registration

The customers who need to register for the SBI doorstep banking can do so by dialing toll free numbers 1800 1037 188 or 1800 1213 721.

Important features of SBI doorstep banking

  • The request for Doorstep Banking Services can be made only at the Home Branch.
  • The cash withdrawal and cash deposit has a limitation of Rs 20,000 per day.
  • The withdrawal is permitted using cheque/ withdrawal form with Passbook.
  • Non-financial transactions service charge per visit is Rs 60/+GST and Rs 100+GST for financial transactions.
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