Rear brake issue in Royal Enfield 350 2021 model: Company recalls 26,300 units for repair

When it comes to the motorcycle market above 350cc in India, Royal Enfield is a name that every bike enthusiast has heard of. Among all the models of Royal Enfield, the Classic 350 holds a special place among enthusiasts. However, the manufacturer has recently recalled more than 25,000 units of Royal Enfield Classic 350 due to a problem generated in it. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 develops a problem due to the brake reaction bracket issue.

Royal Enfield has recalled 26,300 units of Classic 350 motorcycles that were manufactured between the period of September 1 and December 5, 2021. The bike manufacturer discovered that the Classic 350 motorcycles developed an issue in the rear brake when it is applied at a higher braking load. If applied at extreme conditions the braking efficiency of the motorcycle will reduce further. Technically speaking, the damage is caused on the motorcycle swing arm under extreme or hard riding conditions.

The brake issue is prevalent in the single-channel ABS model and rear-drum-brake model, which were manufactured by the company during the specific time period of September 1 and December 5 of this year. The company (Royal Enfield) has specified that the customers need not worry about the issue on the motorcycle as the company will take care of it. The Royal Enfield dealers in your area will start contacting you if your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) falls under the affected vehicles in the given period of time. Otherwise, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 models owners can contact the official website of Royal Enfield. The owners also have the option to contact the company through the helpline number -1800 210 007 and get verified about their bike model.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 received an update in 2021 and was launched in September. The 2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 is based on a complete new J-platform, which is also present on the Meteor 350. The motorcycle gets an improvised instrument cluster which includes an LCD display along with a fuel gauge. The top-spec variant of the bike gets an optional tripper navigation display.

The 2021 edition of Royal Enfield Classic 350 is powered by a 349cc engine and is coupled with a 5-speed gearbox. The 349cc engine generates a power of 20.2 bhp and maximum torque of 27Nm. The 2021 Classic 350 gets a 41mm telescopic fork suspension while the ground clearance is 170 mm. While the front wheel is 19-inches, the rear wheel is 18 inches. The bike gets an option for single as well as dual-channel ABS options. While the front wheel gets 300mm disc brake the rear disc brake is 270mm.

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