Reliance Jio Celebration Pack 2019 is here

New Delhi: Reliance Jio’s Celebration Pack is back on the occasion of its second anniversary and there are some amazing offers that come with it.

Reliance Jio is offering the Jio Celebration Pack without any cost to its subscribers and is also added automatically to your account. So if you have not received it yet, login to MyJio app on your smartphone and navigate to the My Plans section. If the app shows the Jio Celebration Pack on top of all the other activated plans, you are entitled to the benefits.

Benefits of Jio Celebration Pack

Reliance Jio has brought back its ‘Jio Celebration’ pack with 8GB free data to some users. The Celebration pack will be valid for four days under which users can avail 2GB daily data or 8GB total for free. The offer is ending on March 17.

The add-on 8GB data offered under Jio Celebration pack can only be used once as there is no data rollover facility. Keep in mind that not everyone is guaranteed to receive this extra 8GB data, which is only available for some users.

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