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RBI gives warning against online banking fraud


New Delhi: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a warning against online banking fraud where the scamster fools into downloading remote device control apps.

In a recent advisory, the central bank has asked its customers to be aware of scamsters, posing as bank officials, who call users and trick them into downloading remote device control apps such as ‘AnyDesk’.

The RBI also mentioned that while the app asks for regular privacy permissions, it is capable of acquiring full access to your smartphone remotely and would let fraudsters carry out banking transactions remotely.

The fraudster might try to scare by saying that our account or our debit/credit card might get blocked. And once the app is downloaded, it will ask for privacy permission just like other apps. Once we allow the app to have all permissions, the app takes full control of our device without our knowledge.

Apps like ‘AnyDesk’ are created as a handy tool to remotely connect to a device. However, lack of awareness about the risks of AnyDesk among users is making it a handy tool for scammers. RBI has warned users that apps like this could steal money via UPI or e-wallets.

There many apps like AnyDesk available online which aid fraudsters in illegally emptying our accounts. We, as users, must be very careful at all times and fully verify before downloading any apps. Also, no bank will force us to download an app or ask for OTP or any other card details. Importantly, never reveal app any generated message to anyone as a precautionary measure.

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