Petrol, diesel prices slashed for fourth day in a row

New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices were slashed for a fourth straight day in a row on Sunday. After today’s price drop, petrol became 6-7 paise cheaper while, diesel became 9-10 paise cheaper in key cities across the country.

With effect from 6 am on Sunday, the price of petrol was at ₹ 69.93 per litre in Delhi, ₹ 72.19 per litre in Kolkata, ₹ 75.63 per litre in Mumbai and ₹ 72.64 per litre in Chennai, according to notifications from Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). Petrol prices were cut by 6 paise per litre in the four metros compared to the previous day’s rates, data from Indian Oil showed.

The rate of diesel was at ₹ 63.84 per litre in Delhi, ₹ 65.76 per litre in Kolkata, ₹ 66.93 per litre in Mumbai and ₹ 67.52 per litre in Chennai. In Delhi and Kolkata, the prices were cut by 9 paise per litre each compared to Saturday’s rates. The rates in Mumbai and Chennai were slashed by 10 paise per litre each.

Meanwhile, in Odisha, the petrol price is currently at ₹ 69.44 whereas the rate of diesel is ₹ 64.18.

State-run oil marketing companies review the domestic fuel prices on a daily basis and any revisions are implemented at the fuel stations with effect from 6 am.

The domestic fuel prices are determined broadly by the global crude oil and rupee-dollar forex rates.

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