OPPO Sells 1 Crore ‘F’ Series Phones In India In 6 Years

New Delhi: As smartphone maker OPPO rides high on success, its F-series has gained major attraction and the company has sold 1 crore units of F-series smartphones in six years, a top company official said on Wednesday.

According to Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer, OPPO India, the company’s recently launched F19 Pro series has made a strong impact on sales of F-series smartphones.

“F Series has always been a popular phone segment among the Indian consumers looking to get ahead in life, as it offers a sleek and fashionable design that represents their style,” Khanoria told IANS.

“With the launch of the F19 Pro series, we have already reached a stunning milestone of selling 10 million units of F-series in a short span of six years,” he added.

Khanoria said the series has always been a favourite among the young discerning trendsetters and is known for its trending features.

The recently launched F19 Pro series clocked record-breaking sales worth over Rs 230 crore in just three days of its availability.

“The new �F’ series devices are receiving overwhelming response from users across India. However, we are also seeing that many consumers are looking for a smartphone that is providing a high-end performance along with making them future-ready,” Khanoria said.

There has been a lot of enthusiasm from the consumer when it comes to 5G phones. The company’s recent survey highlighted that 5G is the top considered feature among users looking to buy a new phone.

According to the company, F19 Pro+ 5G, being the first 5G device under the F series, has also gained a lot of appreciation from Indians.

After the success of the F19 Pro series, the company has now launched a new smartphone — OPPO F19 — in the India market.

On the production front, Khanoria said that OPPO ‘Superfactory’, its manufacturing unit located in Noida, has the capacity of producing over 50 million phones a year.

The company said it is now manufacturing one smartphone every three seconds at its 110-acre facility in Noida to ensure a seamless supply chain, the factory stocks materials for over 1.2 million phones at any given point.

“We constantly work towards making breakthroughs in four key areas: technology innovation, brand upgrading, market distribution, and product,” Khanoria said.

“We have been making heavy investments in areas such as manufacturing and R&D to create an ecosystem in all directions and strengthen our commitment towards India,” he added.

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