Mumbai Man receives call from Flipkart for undelivered order of 6 years

In a hilarious incident, a Mumbai man was recently contacted by e-commerce platform Flipkart regarding a pending order. You must be wondering what so special about that. The interesting thing is he placed that order 6 years ago in 2018 and that has remained a pending order since then.

The man, Ahsan Kharbai, placed an order for a pair of Sparx slippers in May 2018 but never received them. and during the last 6 years, Flipkart never bothered to contact him. Now, Flipkart has customer support recently reached out to him six years later, which has greatly amused him and many others with this incident.

Kharbai shared this incident on X platform, where he shared a screen shot of his order history. “After 6 yrs @Flipkart called me for this order asking me what issue I was facing,” he wrote on X.

He had ordered a pair of Sparx Slippers worth Rs 485 on May 16, 2018. Three days later on May 19, the slippers were shipped and were supposed to be delivered May 20, as per the order details. However, they never arrived and got lost in transition. He also revealed that the app always showed they were “arriving today” till now.

Mr Kharbai also added that he did not pursue this matter as the order was a cash-on-delivery transaction and he did not see an option to cancel the order on the app. So, he could not cancel the order despite wanting the order closed because it was the first item he saw in the Flipkart order section.

Many amused users have left hilarious comments on the post. A users said, “Maybe you opened Flipkart from Internet Explorer.”

Another user who also had a similar experience also shared his ordeal and said that his order had been stuck in the “out for delivery” status since 2015.

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