Mahindra reveals the entire price list of XUV700 SUV along with booking dates

Mahindra and Mahindra has finally announced the prices for its XUV700 SUV in India along with pre-booking dates. Buyers who are interested to purchase the SUV can book the vehicle from October 7.

The company has revealed the full list of prices for all of its variants. The XUV 700 is broadly divided into MX series and AdrenoX Series. The base variant of XUV700 (MX series) starts at Rs 11.99 lakh, whereas the top variant (AX series) sells at Rs 21.59 lakh.

The details of the price of the XUV700 variants are as follows:

                  Variant                Price
MX Petrol  Rs 11.99 lakh
MX Diesel Rs 12.49 lakh
AX3 Petrol (Manual) Rs 13.99 lakh
AX3 Diesel (Manual) Rs 14.59 lakh
AX3 Diesel (Manual 7-Seater) Rs 15.19 lakh
AX3 Petrol (Automatic) Rs 15.59 lakh
AX3 Diesel (Automatic) Rs 16.19 lakh
AX5 Petrol (Manual) Rs 14.99 lakh
AX5 Diesel (Manual) Rs 15.59 lakh
AX5 Petrol (Manual, 7-seater) Rs 15.59 lakh
AX5 Diesel (Manual, 7-seater) Rs 16.19 lakh
AX5 Petrol (Automatic) Rs 17.19 lakh
AX5 Diesel (Automatic, 7-seater) Rs 17.79 lakh
AX7 Petrol (Manual) Rs 17.59 lakh
AX7 Diesel (Manual) Rs 18.19 lakh
AX7 Petrol (Automatic, 7-seater) Rs 19.19 lakh
AX7 Diesel (Automatic, 7-seater) Rs 19.79 lakh
AX7 Diesel (Automatic AWD, 7-seater) Rs 21.09 lakh
AX7 Petrol Luxury Pack (Automatic, 7-seater) Rs 20.99 lakh
AX7 Diesel Luxury Pack (Automatic, 7-seater) Rs 21.59 lakh


Mahindra has already introduced the 5 seater version of XUV 700 in India on August 14, 2021 and now it is planning to launch the 7 seater version. According to reports the 7-seater XUV 700 is estimated to be launched in next month

It is expected that the top trim of AX7 will be offered in AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) or FWD options.

Some details of the vehicle can be summed under the following heads:

Engine: The XUV 700 gets diesel as well as petrol engine variants. The 2 litre petrol engine generates a power of 200hp and a torque of 380 Nm. The 2.2-litre diesel engine offers 185hp power and a torque of 420 Nm.

Interior: The XUV 700 gets a 10.25 inch infotainment system and a support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The cabin gets 6 speaker and an efficient sound system.

Safety modes: The SUV gets Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as well as Forward Collision Warning (FCW). Some of the important other features are driver drowsiness detection, cruise control, smart pilot assist, traffic sign recognition etc.

The XUV700 is expected to rival SUVs like Tata Safari, Hyundai Alcazar, MG Hector Plus after its launch in Indian market.

Note: All the prices mentioned in the article are all India ex-showroom prices.

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