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India’s first RTO approved electric conversion kit for motorcycles launched By GoGoA1


The global auto industry is now putting emphasis on the electric vehicles as battery-powered vehicles helps to reduce emission levels.  However, the majority of the vehicles still run on fossil fuels.

To change the current situation, the existing IC engine vehicles should be changed to electric vehicles.

To make this happen, we need an EV conversion kit with which we can convert an conventional IC engine with an electric powertrain comprising a battery and an electric motor.

Thane-based EV startup company, GoGoA1 has launched the first RTO approved EV conversion kit for two-wheelers in India.


The EV conversion kit has been priced at Rs 35,000 and an additional GST of Rs 6,300 is also applied to its cost.

The entire kit is being provided with a 3-year warranty. This is excluding the battery pack.

If you want the 151 kms range battery, the entire kit and battery cost reaches up to Rs 95,000. This does not include the price of the motorcycle.

Interested customers can order this EV conversion kit online through the company’s official website.

The materials of the kit will be delivered and installed at the local installation centre of GoGoA1.

Currently, GoGoA1 has local installation setups in 36 RTOs across the country. The company expects to expanded to more cities soon.

As it has been approved by RTO, it will have insurance and its valuation will be updated accordingly. Also, since it is an EV the registration number on the bike won’t change but it would be provided a new green number plate.

Powertrain Specs

The EV conversion kit includes a DC to DC converter, key switch with controller box, a new throttle, wiring harness, and new swing arms.

This EV conversion kit come with a 2.8kWh battery pack that provides power to a 2kW brushless electric motor which is mounted on the hub of the rear wheel.

The motor produces 2.4 bhp of power and 63 Nm of torque.

A Hero Splendor has been converted using a prototype of this kit. But, the peak output could be increased up to 6.2 bhp (4.6kW) and 63 Nm of torque.

The electric engine is integrated with a drum brake which includes brake and shoes taken from Bajaj Pulsar.

The comapny has claimed that the modified Hero Splendor Electric is capable of gaining a top speed of 80 kmph while it can return a range of 151 kms on a full charge.

Furthermore, the powertrain is reportedly equipped with battery regeneration technology which could recover 5-20 percent of the battery with the help of a 65A regenerative controller.

As per reports of Rush lane, the maximum efficiency of the electric motor has been rated at 92 percent.

The company has released the video of the converted Hero Splendor Electric vehicle in YouTube. You can watch the video bellow the article.

(Video Credit: YouTube@GoGoA1)

  1. Atul Thakkar says

    One can buy new ev at this price.

  2. Akash says

    Fake article.
    No any such kit approved by any of the two institute that give approval to the vehicle .

  3. Vijay Yadav says

    If i can purchase a ola scooter in brand new condition and get company service features almost in that kits price( 95000 plus gst) why the f someone buy a kit and modify their vehicle, pure senseless pricing

  4. Jack says

    LOL… Invest 20-30k more, and you will get new EV BIKE…

  5. Lal Rajesh Shahdeo says

    it’s too pricy,why not one should go for any other ready-made vehicle available in market with much much more facilities available than this kit with more mileage also,like OLA,SIMPLE ONE,ARTHUR 450 etc.and many more in the queue

  6. Ikay says

    There’s not much difference in buying kit and new electric vehicle.

  7. Prateek mehra says

    You ll easily get a ebike or escooty for 70-75k why wud someone buy this shit at 90k and then the bike costs extra

  8. Hrishikesh says

    Jitni mehangi hai uss hisab se sirf shaokeen hi lenge, aam aadmi jiske pass splendor actually hoti hai wo kabhi sochega bhi nahi isko leneki 41000₹ me

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