Hyundai warns owners to park outside homes over fire risk

Hyundai has asked some of the SUV owners to park the vehicle outdoors to avoid a possible fire mishap. The company says that an electrical short in a computer could cause vehicles to catch fire.

As per the company, corrosion can cause a short circuit in defective anti-lock brake circuit boards that can cause a fire even though engines are off.

Hyundai says it knows of a dozen engine fires caused by the problem but no injuries.

Further, Hyundai has asked about another probability. It says if the anti-lock brake warning light comes on, the vehicles should not be driven and at once to disconnect the positive cable on the battery.

Hyundai will notify owners of the recall by mail starting around Oct. 30. In the meantime, owners can key in their 17-digit vehicle identification number at the company’s US website to see if their Tucson is affected.

On Sept. 3, U.S. safety regulators announced that Hyundai and affiliated automaker Kia would recall over 600,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada to fix a brake fluid leak that could cause engine fires.

A day later, Hyundai said it recommends the vehicles be parked outdoors until the problem is repaired.

The recalls are the latest in a series of engine fire problems that have plagued the two automakers and have touched off investigations by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In February, Hyundai recalled nearly 430,000 small cars for a similar problem. The company said water can get into the antilock brake computer, cause an electrical short and possibly an engine fire.

In April of 2019, NHTSA opened two new investigations into fires involving Hyundai and Kia vehicles after getting complaints of more than 3,100 fires and 103 injuries.

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