How Much Tata Sky Subscribers Need To Pay For Secondary Connection After Discontinuing Multi-TV Policy

New Delhi: Due to the new TRAI regulatory norms, the broadcasting industry had to go through various ordeals to change as per the rules, thus putting subscribers and the DTH companies both under inconvenience. However, there is one area where there has been further development, and it has got to do with multiple-TV connections in houses.

One of the major players in the industry, Tata Sky, has decided to do away with its multi-TV policy totally and is now going to charge separately for every connection.

Tata Sky has decided to make a new pricing structure for multiple-TV connections. As TelecomTalk confirmed with the Tata Sky customer service team, the 153 NCF will be applicable for all DTH connections across India, without exception.

Noteworthy, Trai in its regulatory framework had said that there was no limit of discount that a DTH provider could offer on multiple-TV connection NCF, however, the content charge of a particular connection was to be charged as it is without any discount from the subscription bearer. Hence, we got to see such a wide variety of multi-TV policies in the market, including Dish TV’s flat Rs 50 NCF and Airtel Digital TV’s Rs 80 NCF policy.

Now with this being said, Tata Sky’s multi-TV policy was starting to create problems as it followed a pricing bracket structure and there was no clear way to find out how much exactly the subscribers were paying as NCF or as content charges.

The company also violated the new tariff regime as unlike other DTH providers who could give a separate bill for NCF and content charges to their subscribers, Tata Sky could not do so for its customers.

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