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Google HR loses job while interviewing potential candidate

In an unexpected turn of events, a Google HR employee discovered that he had been fired while on call with a candidate.

Google layoffs impacted 12,000 employees. Some of the impacted employees revealed that they did not see it coming and were in unexpected ways. An employee revealed that he discovered that he was fired when he could not access his account anymore.

A similar thing happened with a Google recruiter, who was in the middle of a call with a potential candidate when the call was disconnected all of a sudden. Google has been so discreet about its layoffs that even the people in the recruiting department had no about the company’s shocking move.

In an unexpected turn of events, a Google HR employee discovered that he had been fired while on call with a candidate. Dan Lanigan Ryan, a recruiter for Morgan McKinley at Google’s Dublin office, learned that he had been fired when his ongoing call with one of his candidates abruptly ended.

Dan Lanigan Ryan, who worked as a recruiter at Google, said that his call was disconnected while he was on a call with a potential candidate. He revealed that he tried to log in to an internal company website during the call Friday but failed to do so. He wasn’t the only one in his team to face such issues. Other members of his team also complained about getting logged out of their systems. Their manager dismissed the concern as a technical issue until they were informed about the layoff via an email.

Ryan told a media website that he did not receive any formal notice about the firing from Google, only emails from Morgan McKinley saying that fired employees will continue to receive notice pay until February 3 and they need to return their office devices to the company.

Ryan was hired on contract which was to end in September 2022 but Google extended it for a year. The company moved him and some of his colleagues from hiring marketing staff to hiring Google Cloud staff- a section that was seeing good growth. Ryan told the news website that this made him believe that he was safe.

Google has been called out for lack of support, more transparency and communication by its employees after it recently announced laying off 12,000 jobs. There’s an unrest amidst employees for finding answers to questions like what the basis of firing was, what Pichai meant when he said in his email that he takes “full responsibility” of the situations that led the company here and likewise more questions.

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