Google CEO Sundar Pichai asks employees to improve productivity

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai gave a stern warning to its employees in a meeting recently. He asked them to work efficiently and come up with better ideas to improve their products as well as help customers. It looks like Sundar is not happy with the performance of the employees, considering the productivity in comparison to the number of people working for Google.

As per a report in CNBC, the CEO has asked employees to create a more mission-focused culture, and give more focus on the products as well as customer satisfaction. He has also asked them to think about how they can minimize distractions and raise the bar on both product excellence and productivity.

A day right before this news, Google defined its second quarter of 2022 as “weaker than expected” in terms of earnings and revenue. Apparently, this was also the case with the first quarter, which is what has made Sundar so not happy about its employees performance. Reportedly, the software giant witnessed as much as 13 percent less growth in this quarter compared to last year.

Now, it seems that Google wants to “review headcount needs and align on a new set of prioritized staffing requests for the next three months.” As a result, the company could fire some employees due to lack of efficiency and productivity, and of course to save cost.

The announcement came just a few weeks after the company stated that it would slow down the hiring process, probably for the rest of the year. Due to the fear of recession, many big tech companies have already fired hundreds of employees or slowed down the hiring process.

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