Good News! Price Drop For Cooking Oils And Various Other Commodities

The leading FMCJ businesses in India, lowered the cost of cooking oils, a once-expensive grocery item. This price drop is for refined sunflower oil whose price is lowered by 10 rupees to 210 rupees.

Adani Wilmar one of the leading companies in FMCG products claims this decision to be a wise decision and says that the company is completely confident about this price drop and this price drop will boost the demand.

This comes after cooking oil prices were reduced by 15 rupees a litre by Mother Dairy and Gemini Edibles & Fats, both of Hyderabad, providing relief to this household necessity that has been suffering from inflation for several months, reportedly.

This attitude might permeate more packaged goods produced by more large FMCG companies. Another good news for consumers is that soaps, noodles and detergents might follow suit.

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