Gold Prices Touch A New High In Bhubaneswar, Check Rates Here

Bhubaneswar: Gold price in capital city Bhubaneswar is on a continuous rise for the past few days.

The gold prices for 24 carats and 22 carats were recorded as Rs 57,830  and Rs 53,020 respectively, today.

Earlier on Wednesday, the gold prices for 24 carats and 22 carats were Rs 56,820 and Rs 52,090 respectively.

The Gold industry in India and in Odisha is witnessing hard times due to the ongoing pandemic of  Covid-19. Due to rising number of Coronavirus cases the yellow metal business is severely affected.

Today’s gold price In various cities of India:

Name of the city Price of 24 carats (per 10 grams) Price of 22 carats (per 10 grams)
Mumbai Rs 53,310 Rs 52,310
New Delhi Rs 54,710 Rs 53,510
Chennai Rs 57,830 Rs 53,020
Kolkata Rs 53,910 Rs 52,510
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