Food In Trains May Become Costly

New Delhi: Price of food in express trains, including Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto, can increase by as much as Rs 40. The IRCTC has sought approval to this effect by sending a proposal to the Railway Board. The proposal of IRCTC has not been approved at present.

Railway Ministry officials feel that passengers have been complaining about the poor quality of food. In the recent past, the quantity of food was reduced in order to improve quality. The CAG report also raised questions on food served in trains, which was poor by standards. Officials say, food prices have not gone up for the last six years but inflation has gone up. It is now necessary to increase the price to ensure good quality.

Though the quantity of food has been reduced in the past to maintain quality, it will improve if the price is increased.

The price of food in the Rajdhani and Shatabdi is now around Rs 112 and there are different menus for 5 days. They are replaced and served with food. These trains get cutlets, omelets, bread slices and tea for breakfast. Lunch and dinner contain two parathas or loaves, lentils, curds, pickles, rice, and non-veg.

Officials believe that if the IRCTC proposal is approved by the Board, the price will exceed Rs 150.

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