Flying Bike made by Japan: Watch viral video

New Delhi: As per a video Instagram the world’s first flying bike has been created in Japan. A Japanese startup has made it. As per reports, the flying bike debuted to positive reviews at the Detroit Auto Show. The video has gone viral

Instagram user entrepreneursquote has shared a video last month where we can watch a man flying a hover bike. The Instagram user wrote in the caption, “The world’s first flying bike, created by a Japanese startup, debuted to positive reviews at the Detroit Auto Show on September 15. Named XTURISMO, the vehicle is being touted as a luxury cruiser that “brings science fiction to life”. Detroit Auto Show’s co-chair Thad Szott, who tested the bike described his experience as ‘smooth and exhilarating”.

The video credit was given to @xturismo_official in the Instagram post.

It is to be noted that years ago in October 2021 it was said that if somebody tells you that owning and riding a hoverbike will be practically possible, you might find it hard to believe. However, a Japan based start-up company, ALI technologies has unveiled the world’s first hoverbike or flying bike.

Watch the video here:

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