Dream 11 CEO Harsh Jain offers jobs to Ex-Meta and Twitter employees

Major tech companies like Meta, Twitter, Spotify and more started a mass layoff recently which caused thousands of employees to lose their jobs across the globe. Due to this mass layoff, many Indian have also lost their jobs.

Like a ray of hope for these fired employees, Harsh Jain, CEO and co-founder of Dream11, has invited these Indians who were dismissed, specially those people who are struggling with Visa problems, to come back home and join him. He said these employees could help bring the growth potential of Indian tech companies to fruition.

Harsh Jain is among the many Indian tech leaders who want to bolster and nurture a domestic tech ecosystem, seeking to bring back skilled talent to India.

Harsh Jain announced this in a tweet and wrote, “With all the 2022 Tech layoffs (52,000+!) in the US, please spread the word to remind Indians to come back home (specially those with visa issues) to help Indian Tech realise our hyper-growth potential in the next decade!.”

He also added that “Dream Sports is always on the lookout for great talent, specially with leadership experience in Design, Product & Tech!”

Elon Musk let go 50% of workforce of Twitter after he took over the micro-blogging platform. Likewise, Facebook-parent company Meta fired around 11,00 employees – about 13% of the tech giant’s workforce in an effort to cost cutting measures. The tech giant took this step due to falling revenue, fewer advertisers and less funding.

Meta had dropped almost 70% of its value this year, with its market cap dropping from over a trillion dollars to $255.79 billion. Moreover, various other big tech companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Zillow, and Spotify have also laid off many employees and announced hiring freezes to protect bottom lines.

Meanwhile, Indian entrepreneur Harsh Jain boasted of his Indian companies’ profitability, saying, “We at Dream Sports are a profitable, $8 Billion Co with 150 Million users and 10 kickass portfolio companies in Fantasy Sports, NFTs, Sports OTT, FinTech, Sports Experiences.”

For those who don’t know, Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform. The Dream 11 users can create their own fantasy teams in a various sports fields such as cricket, football, hockey and more. The users will then get  points based on real life gameplay. Dream11 was the first gaming company in India to become a unicorn and founder.

The prolific founder has created an association of 35 unicorns and ‘soonicorns’ based in Mumbai. He aims to promote the city as the hub for various sectors such as media, gaming and fintech known as Tech Entrepreneurs Association of Mumbai or TEAM, which has companies like Haptik, BookMyShow, Zepto and Rebel Foods.

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