Bookings Open For ‘Tesla Model I’ Electric Car In India, Check Details Here

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has announced the booking of its first electric car in India. The upcoming EV from Tesla will be called ‘Model I’ and will be exclusively made in India.

The Tesla Model I is priced at Rs 19.9 lakh (ex-showroom), which makes it affordable for the middle class car buyers of India. The company has opened the bookings for the EV at just Rs 69,420. The option of payment for booking the vehicle includes crypto currency Bit coin.

Speaking about the design of the vehicle, the exterior will look quite similar to that of Model Y. The interior of the vehicle will grab attention of the enthusiasts as it features a very funky design. Users will get a steering wheel like a Joystick. The users can also pair the vehicle with a PS5 joystick. However, driving the vehicle while connecting it with a PS5 joystick isn’t legal in India.

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The Model I will be offered in five colour options namely Star Platinum, Magician’s Red, Hermit Purple, Hierophant Green, and Silver Chariot. The EV will draw its power from 52kWh battery pack while the transmissions offered are single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD. The RWD will give a range of 901kms while the AWD will offer 976 kms on a single full charge.

Some other features offered in the vehicle includes a 13.2-inch infotainment system. The infotainment system gets support for Apple Carplay and Android Auto along with an additional support for streaming Netflix.

Note: This article was a prank for April Fool’s Day. Our intention was to create humour through this article and not to hurt any sentiments. However, we are hopeful that Tesla would soon release an Affordable electric vehicle in India.

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  1. Anonymous says

    April Fool….

  2. Sahil says

    Fkng at least mention April fools somewhere in the article… And if you just copied from some other website ,pity on the editor at least do some research…. Well thank you Kalingatv for wasting my time ,I will make sure i don’t to not visit your site again…

  3. Kuber Kansal says

    You forgot to write that it was a prank

  4. james raj says

    Every news is fake like this for the last 5 years…

  5. Nishant Chhatwal says

    I already booked the Tesla , see reciept number tesla010tesla India.

    1. bijesh says

      how to book

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