Beware! Hackers Can Now Redirect Your SMS Containing OTP Without Your Knowledge

New Delhi: In a world where technology is developing every day, the potential threats in this field have also increased significantly. Hackers in the US are redirecting the sms of the users which contains OTP. After getting the OTP from the redirected sms, hackers use it to steal valuable information of the users. If the situation is worse, then the hackers might even ask the user for a ransom.

Interestingly, the hackers are exploiting loopholes in the telecom industry for committing the crime. According to survey by Motherboard (multi-platform multimedia publication) reporter Joseph Cox, the victim in this particular fraud is unable to know when he is attacked. It is so because, attackers pay the telecom service providers for a business service (this service is meant for businesses only) which redirects the SMS meant for a user. This costs the hackers only $16 (Rs 1,160 approx.) but the damage done to the users is quite high.

Usually when a SMS fraud is committed and a user doesn’t receive the OTP, he assumes low network as the reason behind it. However, in the meanwhile he is robbed of the OTP. The OTP might be used for money withdrawal, online shopping and numerous other thefts.

In order to avoid the theft, it is advised to use alternative form of authentication services. If someone is using banking platform it is advisable to use emails registered to your account. It is so because such information (email associated with bank) is not easily available as a mobile number.

(Source- India Today)

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